Simple & easy to use Ilm-ul-Asma Book Collection

Allah is the Light of the skies and the earth. In the Holy Quran, Allah provides complete knowledge about the manifestations and principles upon which the creation of the universe is based. These rules and formulas also give knowledge about exploration of the universe. Like Allah Himself, his attributes are unlimited and, through these attributes various elements come in to being. This book is just scratching the surface of that knowledge.

Four Books

There are four books insdie of this app, two in English and two in Urdu.

Easy Pagination

Scroll-up or scroll down for next and previous pagination, or you can use the slider to jump few pages back and forth.

Bookmark It

Quickly bookmark your favorite section, and access them later.

Beautiful Typography

Read Urdu langauge in Nastaleeq and Arabic verses in Al-Musafa font will enhance your reading experience

  • Ilm-ul-Asma
  • An introduction to Ilm-ul-Asma
  • Alem-e-Sabka
  • A preview of where we came from
  • Martaba-e-Ahsan
  • Quran and Azeemia Manifesto
  • Amazon Kindle Format
    (for Android)
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Sirat-e-Mustaqeem
  • Quran and The Established Path
  • English & Urdu
  • With awesome features
  • Available in English & Urdu
  • Bookmark the pages
  • Copy & Paste the text

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